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東京𠮷兆 Tokyo Kitcho

About 東京𠮷兆

Devotion to Japanese cuisine

Ever since its establishment in 1961
in Ginza, Tokyo, Tokyo Kitcho

has continued to pursue new cuisine and
better service.
We are where we are
today because we have poured
more love into Japanese cuisine
Japan itself more than anybody else,

and that devotion
has lived on within Tokyo Kitcho

throughout the generations.

The Commitment of our Chefs

A gift from the heart,to the heart

It makes the chefs of Tokyo Kitcho
proud that most of our products
have been
hand-made ever sine our establishment,

and it is the tradition at Kitcho
to identify changes of the times
not be afraid to change ourselves.

We believe that it is our mission to keep
the frontrunners of new
Japanese cuisine,
and we hold that
to heart when delivering
products that reach your hearts.

Tokyo Kitcho Seiichiro Yuki
Tokyo Kitcho Seiichiro Yuki

Our Commitment to our Suppliers

A flower blooms with five petals

Many suppliers are involved in the
process of our products being delivered

to our customers. The pages with
the details of
each product
include information on our suppliers,

to express our gratitude to them.

Just like five petals bloom from a single
flower and eventually bear fruit,

we hope that our beliefs spread and lead
to wonderful relationships.

※Supplier information is in Japanese only.