Flavor Delivery,Delivering our Passion

Flash-frozen and delivered anywhere nationally

Our passion for hand-made cuisine is what we have held closest to
our hearts since inauguration, and the Kobikicho Flavor Delivery,
utilizing flash-freezing technology,
is what enables us to deliver this passion to our customers.
As a “thank you” to close family members, or a “treat” for yourself,
these dishes that are carefully prepared by our chefs
can be delivered anywhere nationally.

Hand-made cuisine that are a product of our best efforts

Popular products that used to be difficult to deliver

Tokyo Kitcho’s Flash-Freezing Technology

The products are either liquid frozen,
products are frozen using alcoholic
or air blasted, where products are
with cold air, depending on which
method is
ideal for the given product in
their fresh state.

“Kobikicho Flavor Delivery” courses

There are 3 different courses to the
“Kobikicho Flavor Delivery”, each
providing a
selection between trial
(one-time), 6 months, and 12 months.
The content will be
varied every month
so that you will be able to
enjoy the flavors of each season.
*Delivery to anywhere in Japan

“Sashimi and Marinated Products Subscription

Seafood of top quality from the Tsukiji and
Toyosu Markets are processed with techniques
that best match each ingredient,
are flash-frozen, and delivered in packages
that are divided into 6 sections
(one section is for the sauce).
3 types of home-made sauces
bring out the flavor of the
ingredients and will allow you to
enjoy the blessings of Japan.


Side Dish Subscription

In addition to the side dishes
we distribute through department stores,
we have included new items and have
prepared a set of specialties carefully
prepared by chefs from 4 different
divisions. This is a subscription
of great value that allows you to enjoy
the essence of Kaiseki cuisine
from the convenience of your home.


Bento Box (Seasonal Set) Subscription

The colorful bento box is the product
of the chef’s heart, soul, and technique.
The wish for the customer’s enjoyment
is embodied in the act of carefully
selecting ingredients that are in season
and cooking them with classic techniques.
Please enjoy the flavors of the season.


Key points of “Kobikicho Flavor Delivery”

  1. Point 1 Delivery to anywhere in Japan

    The products are delivered
    frozen, so they can be
    delivered to anywhere in
    Japan and have long
    expiration dates.

  2. Point 2 Enjoy any time

    The dishes can be added to
    special or everyday meals, and
    are also great for
    unexpected visitors or

  3. Point 3 Hassle-free, easy defrosting

    Items that need heating can simply
    be put in the microwave, while dishes
    like sashimi can be defrosted in the
    refrigerator. Each container
    within the bento boxes can
    also be microwaved.

All Products
Delivery date
• Trial (one-time) course:
The items will be delivered on or around the 25th of the following month of your order.
• 6-month and 12-month courses:
The first month is the same as the trial course,and the deliveries for the following months will be on or around the 25th of each month.
Note that the purchase screen will display a section for selecting delivery dates, but you will not be able to select a delivery date.
• Please be warned that you will not be able to unsubscribe from the 6-month and 12-month courses.
Subscription renewal
• Please not that there is no function for automatic renewals.
Changes to the content of the dishes
• Please be warned that the content of the subscription may be altered without prior notification.
*Other notes are listed on this website under “Descriptions based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law”