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Assortment of 2 Small Bottled Delicacies (Donko Shiitake Mushrooms, Tamba Black Beans)

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We have provided a set of sweet-and-spicy cooked Donko Shiitake mushrooms form Oita Prefecture, and the Tamba black beans which are our best-seller bottled delicacy. Oita is rich in sawtooth oak, which is said to be the ideal base log for shiitake mushrooms. Their Donko mushrooms are thick, meaty, and round, with beautiful patterns that are reminiscent of turtle shells. They are carefully soaked overnight and cut into bite-size pieces before cooking. The Tamba black beans are cooked through 3 processes over the course of 5 days, carefully adjusting water and temperature levels. We hope you enjoy the inherent taste of black beans that can only be brought out with the use of a dedicated pot.
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Content A set of 2 jars
Weight 520g
Size Vertical 6 × horizontal 15 × height 7.5
Allergy Information Donko Shiitake mushrooms:Ingredients include wheat and soy beans
Expiration Date 150 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store at room temperature, avoiding heat and humidity.
Store at under 10℃ after opening
Delivery Regular package delivery. Will be delivered refrigerated when ordered with a refrigerated product
<Donko Shiitake mushrooms>
■Product name: Dried packaged Shiitake mushrooms
■Form: Cut
■Ingredients:Dried Shiitake mushrooms (domestic), thick soy sauce, Japanese sake, sugar (Ingredients include wheat and soy beans)
■Package: 70g
■Nutrition information (per 100 grams): 188kcal, protein 5.3g, fats 0.5g, carbohydrates 45.5g, sodium (salt equivalent) 4.7g
Refrigerate after opening, and consume as soon as possible.

*The content of the English pages are for reference purposes only; the Japanese pages should be referenced for disclosure of information as stipulated by Japanese law.
<Tamba black beans>
■Product name: Ready-made dish
■Ingredients: Black Tamba soy beans, rock candy
■Drained weight:65g Package:120g■Nutrition information (per 100 grams): 267kcal, protein 10.2g, fats 6.8g, carbohydrates 41.9g, sodium (salt equivalent) 1.1g
Refrigerate after opening, and consume as soon as possible.