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Tokyo Kitcho Horaku noodles/Horaku sauce

¥3,456 (tax-inclusive)

The Horaku sauce is the product of our desire to create a new broth that replaces the traditional Tokyo Kitcho broth. We have succeeded in creating a truly unique and thick seafood broth that embodies the harvest from Japanese seas by adding an ample amount of house-made Sazanami Japanese peppers to bonito broth. The Horaku noodles, with whole wheat flour, has been made by a long-established noodle producer just for the Horaku sauce. It’s texture and thickness are precisely set to match the Horaku sauce, blending together 3 different types of domestic wheat. This is a dish that can be created only because we produce all of our products in-house. Please enjoy the new mixed noodle dish by Tokyo Kitcho.
*The sauce can also be cooked together with rice, or can be enjoyed as pasta sauce.
*The photo is a sample image.

Content Horaku noodles:4 packs
Horaku sauce:1 bottle
Shredded seaweed:4packs
Weight 1300g
Size Vertical 20 × horizontal 24.5 × height 7
Allergy Information Ingredients include wheat, soy beans, sesame
Expiration Date Horaku noodles: 21 days from dispatch date Horaku sauce: 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Refrigerate both under 10℃
Delivery Delivered refrigerated
<Tokyo Kitcho Horaku noodles/Horaku sauce>
■Package:Horaku noodles:130g x 4 packs
Horaku sauce: 250g x 1 bottle
Shredded seaweed;1.2g x 4packs
■Ingredients:Horaku noodles: flour (final processing in Japan), salt/alcohol derived from Japanese sake, wheat protein, processed starch, brine water, Bareisho potato starch (as dusting powder)
Horaku sauce: bonito flakes(domestic), kelp(domestic), soy sauce, sweet sake, dried young sardines, whole Japanese peppers, Japanese sake, sesame, vegetable chips (onions, garlic, carrot), vegetable extract powder (onions, celery, cabbage), starch derivative, yeast extract, salt, garlic powder/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), food coloring (caramel), sweetener (licorice), preservatives(sodium benzoate), (ingredients include wheat, soy beans, sesame)
■Nutrition information:Horaku noodles (per 100 grams): 277.9kcal, protein 7.6g, fats 0g, carbohydrates 55.5g, sodium (salt equivalent) 0.17g
Horaku sauce (per 250g bottle): 221kcal, protein 17.2g, fats 5.4g, carbohydrates 25.9g, sodium (salt equivalent) 9.1g

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