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Fukiyose Bento Box

¥3,780 (tax-inclusive)
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Assortment of fresh seafood and seven different side dishes that is compact and ideal to bring to theater performances.
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Content 1 box
Weight 630g
Size Vertical 11.0 × horizontal 16.5 × height 4.8
Allergy Information Includes shrimp, wheat, egg, milk constituents, salmon, soy beans, chicken, yam, gelatin
Expiration Date 18:00 of delivery date
Preservation Method Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humidity; consume as soon as possible
Delivery Delivered with our company-owned vehicle
<Fukiyose Bento Box>
Rice (from Niigata)
Cooked Tamba black beans: black beans, sugar, etc.
Cooked yuba: yuba (soy milk skin), paprika, etc.
Salmon pickled in Saikyo miso: Atlantic salmon (United Kingdom/Scotland)
Rice miso: rice, soy beans (not genetically modified), wine, etc.
Broiled wheat bran: wheat bran with millet, wine, soy sauce, etc.
Chicken meatballs and konjac on skewers: chicken, konjac, tsukune yam, etc.
Pike conger fish cake: fish, wine, sugar, etc.
Thick Japanese omelet: egg yolk, wine, minced fish, etc.
Boiled conger eel: grilled conger eel, soy sauce, sugar, etc.
Bonito flakes, scampi, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, snow peas, vinegar, ginger, burdock, kelp, shredded seaweed
Flavoring (amino acids, etc.), food coloring (caramel), ,sweetener (licorice), preservatives (sodium benzoate), calcium hydroxide, emulsifier (ingredients include shrimp, wheat, egg, milk constituents, salmon, soy beans, chicken, yam, gelatin)
■Nutrition information (per meal/box): 687kcal, carbohydrates 109.4g, protein 28.7g, sodium (salt equivalent) 4.1g. fats 15.0g

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