Tokyo Kitcho specialty – Snapper ochazuke set

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The traditional snapper Ochazuke, delivered to your doorsteps as a frozen product. We marinated fresh, thick-cut snapper in Tokyo Kitcho’s secret thick sesame sauce, and vacuum-sealed them while still fresh. Enjoy the snapper and seaweed on steaming rice, with wasabi if you prefer, or enjoy is as ochazuke by pouring heated broth on top. Find your own favorite style of enjoying this restaurant-grade dish.
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Content 60g x 4 packs
Weight 760g
Size Vertical 19 × horizontal 25 × height 5
Allergy Information Ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and sesame
Expiration Date 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store frozen, under -18℃
Delivery Delivered frozen
<Snapper seasoned in sesame>
■Package:60g x 4 packs
■Ingredients: Snapper (domestic, cultivated), sesame, thick soy sauce, Tamari soy sauce, bonito flakes, Japanese sake, sweet sake, salt, other/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), food coloring (caramel), sweetener (licorice), preservatives(sodium benzoate paraoxybenzoic acid), (ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and sesame)
■Nutrition information (per 100 grams):158kcal, protein 22.1g, fats 7.4g, carbohydrates 0.7g, sodium (salt equivalent )0.7g
<Red snapper ochazuke broth>
■Package: 70ml x 4 packs
■Ingredients: Bonito flakes, green tea, kelp, salt, etc.
■Nutrition information ( per100ml): 2kcal, protein 0.2g, fats 0.0g, carbohydrates 0.4g, sodium (salt equivalent)0.3g
<Shredded seaweed>
■Package:1.2g x 4 packs

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