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Hamburger Steak Stewed in Hatcho Miso

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These are carefully prepared hamburger steaks, utilizing roughly minced domestic Japanese Black Wagyu beef and pork. They are steamed in a convection oven and then cooked in Hatcho miso sauce to eliminate excess fat. They are delivered in microwave-ready packaging, so they can be heated on a plate, without the need to remove the packaging.
*heat for 7 minutes at 600W (detailed directions on heating are printed on the packaging).
*The photo is a sample image.

Content 4p
Weight 950g
Size Vertical 15 × horizontal 21.5 × height 8.5
Allergy Information egg, milk components, wheat, soy, pork, and beef
Expiration Date 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store frozen, under -18℃
Delivery Delivered frozen
<Hamburger Steak Stewed in Hatcho Miso>
■Drained weight: 150g
■Package: 185g
■Ingredients: *Domestic Wagyu beef, Sangenton pork loin (Miyagi Prefecture), onions, eggs, Hatcho miso (rice, soy (not genetically modified)), sweet rice wine, sake, bread crumbs, starch, salt, sugar, edible oil, yeast/flavoring (amino acids, etc.), pH adjusters, emulsifiers, vitamin C (ingredients include egg, milk components, wheat, soy, pork, and beef)
■Nutrition information (per 100 grams): 194kcal, protein 12.7g, fats 11.9g, carbohydrates 9.0g, sodium (salt equivalent) 1.1g

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