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Japanese lamb chops with colorful vegetables

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Lamb has always been the main dish at Imperial Palace banquets. We created this dish with the wish that you will be able to enjoy traditional lamb as Japanese cuisine. The lamb comes apart naturally in your mouth, which comes with 6 types of unbattered, deep-fried vegetables filled with taste, which have all been prepared through vacuum-sealed, low-temperature cooking. The lamb has been marinated for a full day in bonito broth with whole Japanese peppers that accentuate the flavor. As work styles have become more diverse, we prepared the packages so that they can be easily prepared by boiling them in hot water. We hope you enjoy our Tokyo Kitcho’s proud and joy, our Japanese lamb chops, in which Japanese and western cuisine come together in perfect harmony.
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Content 4 packs
Weight 900g
Size Vertical 15 × horizontal 21.5 × height 8.5
Allergy Information Ingredients include wheat and soy beans
Expiration Date 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store frozen, under -18℃
Delivery Delivered frozen
<Japanese lamb chops with colorful vegetables>
■Packaging: 185g x 4 packs
■Ingredients: Lamb (New Zealand), Bareisho potato, green bean, baby onion, trumpet mushroom, carrot, burdock, bonito flakes, kelp, soy sauce, sweet sake, dried young sardines, whole Japanese peppers, Japanese sake, vegetable oils and fats/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), food coloring (caramel), sweetener (licorice), preservatives (sodium benzoate), (Ingredients include wheat and soy beans)
■Nutrition information (per unit (185g)): 151kcal, protein 10.6g, fats 7.4g, carbohydrates 10.6g, sodium (salt equivalent)3.0g
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*You can select gift packaging (shopping bags, Noshi wrapping) within the shopping cart.
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