Baked cheese cake with Tamba black beans

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Approximately 60 black beans are used for every whole cake. The unique sweetness and scent of black beans have been maximized by cooking the beans into a paste. The use of two different types of cheese (cream/Gouda) help bring out the flavor of the black beans. We have taken black beans, which have been harvested from the Heian era in Japan, and incorporated the into a cheese cake that only Tokyo Kitcho Honten can create. Enjoy the cake that is completely hand-made after orders have been received.
*The photo is a sample image.

Content 1 whole cake
Weight 500g
Size Vertical 19 × horizontal 23 × height 5
Allergy Information Ingredients include eggs, dairy products, wheat, and soy beans
Expiration Date 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store frozen, under -18℃
Delivery Delivered frozen
<Baked cheese cake with Tamba black beans>
■Ingredients:fresh milk, cream, black beans, whole wheat flour, flour, eggs, yogurt, butter, honey, sugar, sunflower oil, salt, fermented extract, inulin/leavening agent, thickening stabilizer(locust bean gum), gold foil, flavoring, (ingredients include eggs, dairy products, wheat, and soy beans)
■Nutrition:information (per unit): 342kcal, protein 7.2g, fats 21.4g, carbohydrates 30.1g, sodium (salt equivalent) 0.5g

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昭和6年(1931)頃、初代 泰之介(たいのすけ)が提灯屋として開場間近の築地に開店する。主に築地市場に買出しに来る飲食店の暖簾や彫刻看板等も手がけるようになるが、原稿は今でも自前で書いている。商売上、江戸文字も使うので色々とデザインに取り入れている。