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Chunky tuna marinated in leek oil

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We created this product in response to customers wanting to try bottled tuna made by Tokyo Kitcho. Most bottled tuna products in the market use albacore tuna or yellowfin tuna, but at Tokyo Kitcho we use big eye tuna. Our chefs carefully cut each slice to maximize the taste and texture of the tuna, marinate them in house-made leek oil, and steam them quickly. Accentuated with whole Japanese peppers and domestic shredded kelp, this dish goes well not only with rice but also with noodles such as udon noodles or tofu.
*The photo is a sample image.

Content 1 jar
Weight 400g
Size Vertical 7 × horizontal 7 ×
height 9
Allergy Information Ingredients include wheat and soy beans
Expiration Date 30 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Store at room temperature, avoiding heat and humidity
Delivery Regular package delivery. Will be delivered refrigerated when ordered with a refrigerated product
<Chunky tuna marinated in leek oil>
■Ingredients Big eye tuna, kelp(domestic), whole Japanese peppers, soy sauce, sugar, salt, vegetable oils and fats, leek, ginger, (ingredients include wheat and soy beans)
■Nutrition information (per unit (140g)), 415kcal, protein 27.9g, fats 32.5g, carbohydrates 2.7g, sodium (salt equivalent) 1.5g

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