Assortment of shabu-shabu sauces

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A set of Mizore (grated radish) vinegar and sesame sauce, that we serve at Tokyo Kitcho Honten. The Mizore vinegar a house tradition that is made from house-made soy sauce, with ample amounts of the highest grade Asatsuki leek and 9 different seasonings. The sesame sauce is made thick, so that the scent of sesame can be enjoyed to the fullest. The simple combination of deep-roasted sesame, house-made soy sauce, and Japanese sake tests the techniques of the chefs that prepare them into a sauce. Both sauces are ideal for meats, fresh sashimi, vegetables, etc. Please enjoy the restaurant-grade flavor in your homes.
*This product only contains the set of Mizore vinegar and sesame sauce; the meats and vegetables in the image are not contained in the product.
*The photo is a sample image.

Content A set of 2 jars, one of each kind
Weight 950g
Size Vertical 9 × horizontal 17 × height 8.5
Allergy Information Mizore vinegar:Ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and oranges
Sesame sauce:ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and sesame
Expiration Date 10 days from dispatch date
Preservation Method Refrigerate under 10℃
Delivery Delivered refrigerated
<Mizore vinegar>
■Ingredients:radish, leek, soy sauce, Japanese sake, sweet sake, bonito flakes, orange liqueur, yuzu, lemon, red chili pepper/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, flavoring, food coloring (caramel), sweetener (licorice), preservatives(benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, nitrite), (ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and oranges)
■Nutrition information (per unit (200ml): 55kcal, protein 3.7g, fats 0.6g, carbohydrates 8.8g, sodium (salt equivalent) 4.4g
<Sesame sauce>
■Ingredients:sesame, soy sauce, Japanese sake, sweet sake, bonito flakes/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), food coloring (caramel), sweetener (licorice), preservatives(sodium benzoate, (ingredients include wheat, soy beans, and sesame)
■Nutrition information (per unit (200ml): 335kcal, protein 11.5g, fats 25.7g, carbohydrates 14.3g, sodium (salt equivalent) 2.1g

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